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Medical Tests: Diagnostic Radiology

Balloon Sphincterography

Sphincterography is an X-ray to evaluate voluntary muscle strength and relaxation. Sphincterography uses a flexible balloon connected to a bag of liquid barium. Read more

Barium Enema

The barium enema examination consists of the infusion of liquid barium into the large bowel via a tube inserted into the rectum followed by distension of the large bowel with appropriate amounts of carbon dioxide.Read more

Barium Meal

A barium meal examines the digestive tract area from the mouth to the start of the small intestine. The patient swallows a variable combination of barium and a combination of granules and citric acid, then stands in front of an X-ray machine. Read more


Defecography uses an X-ray to look at the shape and position of the rectum as it empties. This procedure reveals rectoceles and signs of rectal descent. Read more

Small Bowel Follow-Through

During this examination a radiologist uses an X-ray machine to follow the passage of barium through the stomach and into the small intestine. Read more

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