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Clinical Coordinators

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Name: Colleen Alcott, RN, BSN
Specialty: outpatient endoscopy
Phone: (843) 876-7210
E-mail: alcottc@musc.edu
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Name: Beth Crawford, RN
Specialty: specialty procedures
Phone: (843) 876-7222
E-mail: carwford@musc.edu
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Name: Melanie Crolley, RN
Specialty: liver services clinical trials
Phone: (843) 876-4273
E-mail: crolley@musc.edu
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Name: Peggy Edgerton, RN
Specialty: ERCP
Phone: (843) 876-7230
E-mail: edgerp@musc.edu
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Name: Cindy Ferguson, RN
Specialty: endoscopic ultrasound
Phone: (843) 876-7221
E-mail: fergusci@musc.edu
Janice Freeman
Name: Janice Freeman, RN, BSN, CCRC
Specialty: Motility
Phone: (843) 876-5862
E-mail: freemaja@musc.edu
Janine Hubbard
Name: Janine Hubbard
Specialty: Bariatric Surgery Program
Phone: (843) 876-7226
E-mail: hubbarj@musc.edu
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Name: Melissa Hulsey, RN, BSN
Specialty: liver
Phone: (843) 876-7218
E-mail: hulseymm@musc.edu
Lisa Jackson
Name: Lisa Jackson
Specialty: Bariatric
Phone: (843) 876-4264
E-mail: jacksla@musc.edu
Mary E. Johnson
Name: Mary E. Johnson, RN
Specialty: G.I. surgery
Phone: (843) 876-3090
E-mail: johnsome@musc.edu
Geri Johnston
Name: Geri Johnston, RN, MSN, CBN
Specialty: Bariatric Surgery Program
Phone: (843) 876-7211
E-mail: johnstog@musc.edu
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Name: Suzanne Mobberly, RN, BSN
Specialty: G.I. clinic
Phone: (843) 876-7225
E-mail: mobberle@musc.edu
Elaine Rawls
Name: Elaine Rawls, RN, MSN
Specialty: pancreato/biliary disorders
Phone: (843) 876-4302
E-mail: rawlse@musc.edu
Betsy Shuford
Name: Betsy Shuford, RN
Specialty: Islet Cell Transplant
Phone: (843) 876-0420
E-mail: shufor@musc.edu
Photo not yet available
Name: Teak Smith
Specialty: IBD (irritable bowel disease)
Phone: (843) 876-0096
E-mail: smithtm@musc.edu
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